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2 years ago

Politics and Economic Impact

Kenya has and continues to function as East Africa’s financial and communications hub, the headquarters of many international non-governmental organizations includind untill recently, regional headquarters US Embassy ,a magnet for tourism and a valuable asset to many other countries as a trade ally. This has been made possible as Kenya has been considered one of the most stable countries in Africa due to its strategic location, business opportunities and steadfast growth of its peoples' mindset. However, in the recent past, this has changed. Economic Growth must be distiguished from Economic Development, which is not the case by the political class. Economic Development must have a direct correlation to peoples' living standards evidenced by availability, accesibility and affordability of basic needs, such as food,heathcare, education etc. This deficiency has been brought about by ever rising political temperatres, negative ethinicity, poor governannce, excecive powers, social injustices and corruption that has further eroded public trust in political institutions and government organs. However, we must, we the kenyan people.... the current generation, stand against negative politics, bring back the spirit of Harambee, and thus a well deserved change for the future generations. This is a collective responsibility to all Kenyans....Young and Old......